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Hello i have seen 2 different kinds of techniques for lip augmentation. Some use techniques by injecting the needle deep into the lips and progressively taking the needle out and injecting the filler in a straight line. other use a technique called microdroplets by just injecting in several different points a small amount. here is a video I wanted to know what products are used for both technique (and how are they different ). thank you

Cannula discussion podcast

Greer Hanson ARNP and Dr. Gerald Pierone discuss use of cannulas for facial injection.


Hello and thanks for posting.

There is a third technique for lip augmentation that I believe is superior to linear threading and microdroplet technique. This is lip augmentation via microcannula technique. A microcannula is a similar to a needle in dimension, but the tip is blunt rather than sharp and the hole for delivery of filler comes from the side of the cannula just below the blunt tip.

In this technique, a needle is used to make a hole in the skin, and the cannula is inserted through the hole and threaded under the skin to the distribute filler to the desired location. Because of the blunt tip of the cannula there is a vastly lower risk of vascular injury and bruising. Moreover, there is much less pain because the cannula does not sever or damage minute sensory nerves like a needle does.

There is a significant learning curve to cannula use, and some practitioners are hesitant to embrace this new technique because of their experience and comfort with needle use. That said, patient comfort is more important that clinician comfort, and the use of needles for facial fillers is on the decline and cannula use is quickly expanding.

I hope that this information helps and best of luck to you!

Dr. Pierone


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