Carol Ann Goodman MD

As a medical spa owner, physician and injector I was beyond amazed at the magnificent experience I had at One Aesthetics. Amie and her staff went above and beyond to welcome me and ensure my day of training with Dr Pierone far exceeded my highest expectations.

Dr Pierone is the best injector I have ever seen but that is just the beginning. Amie, Dana and Susan greet everyone and make them feel at home and like they are the most important person. They spend time answering questions, preparing patients for their treatments while working within their budgets. The patients are then greeted by Dr Pierone, who has such a kind and gentle demeanor, puts the patients right at ease. Through a careful discussion with the patients a plan is developed and he begins his magic. His amazing and knowledgeable assistants, Jamie and Becky are right there helping the patients feel comfortable and informed. Everyone walked out with beautifully natural enhancements and feeling more confident and as though they were the most important person of the day.

I am so grateful for this learning opportunity. I sincerely can’t thank Amie, Mark, Jamie, Becky, Dana, Susan and especially Dr Pierone enough for my day. Everyone was so forthcoming with information and helpful tricks I can return home and share with my staff. I am looking forward to returning in a few weeks to have Dr Pierone work on me.

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