I’ve had a chin implant for 3 years. It was placed incorrectly and my face is slightly heavier on the left so it looks asymmetrical. I want it removed.I 100% do not want another implant. I’m looking into sliding genioplasty but I’m also considering fillers. Am I able to have an implant removed without any issue to my chin area? Is there a possibility that my skin would be stretched or anything of that nature if I had it taken out since I’ve had it in for a few years?


Hello and thanks for posting.

Sorry to hear about your suboptimal results from the chin implant. It sounds like you definitely want it removed. Before you make a final decision, you might consider treatment with facial fillers in an attempt to provide balance and harmony to your chin and lower facial region. I have treated patients who had imperfect results from chin implants with facial fillers and seen excellent results. But if the asymmetry is too severe, then the implant would need to be removed so that you can start over.

Bellafill is the only FDA approved permanent filler. Although it is approved for acne scarring and naso-labial folds, it may be used in other regions off-label. It is actually an ideal deep structural facial filler. I have used it to gradually build chin structure in patients who need volume in this region but are not keen to undergo surgery.

I hope that this information helps and best of luck to you!

Dr. Pierone

Video on Defining Jawline with Fillers

Dr. Pierone demonstrates the technique of using Bellafill to define the jawline.


I want to make my jaw appear more square and defined, and I’m afraid of getting jaw implants. I want to know how much do jaw and chin fillers last, and will they look puffy or will it appear natural and sharp? Also what’s the cost? Thank u so much for your answers.


Hello and thanks for posting.

Jawline and chin fillers represent one of the best applications of facial fillers. The technique involves placement of the filler deep on the bone. Fillers in this location tend to last longer than when they are injected in anatomic locations closer to the skin.
There is no one best filler for jawline or chin filler, but my favorites are Voluma and Bellafill. Voluma may last up to 2 years after injection. Bellafill is a hybrid filler, bovine collagen lasts a few months and the PMMA component if permanent.

The cost really depends on how many syringes are needed and this depends on how much volume loss there is. It is always best to restore jawline and chin volume in a series of treatment sessions for best results.

See my video above for a demonstration.

Good luck!


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