I have paralysis from first Kybella treatment, won’t be continuing Kybella but instead would like to try Ultherapy under the chin. I’ve had the paralysis for about one month now. Do I need to wait until paralysis is completely gone to have this procedure or can I go ahead w/out delay? Thank you for your time in answering my question, this is an incredibly helpful website :))




Hello and thanks for posting.

There is no question that you should wait until the muscle weakness completely resolves before you have an Ultherapy treatment. One of the potential complications of Ultherapy is also injuring the marginal mandibular nerve which is presumably what happened after your Kybella session. This is a rare complication after Ultherapy, but the practitioner needs to know your history and carefully avoid a “replay” of this problem.

Good luck!

Dr. Pierone

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