Previous studies of lopinavir/ritonavir (LPV/r) monotherapy have shown that over 70% of patients achieved HIV RNA levels <500 copies/mL over a follow-up period of 48 to 96 weeks, but the long-term durability is undetermined. Herein, the authors report 2 patients that started LPV/r monotherapy after virologic failure on an NNRTIbased regimen and have been successfully treated for greater than 7 years. Both patients demonstrated long-term control of viral replication over the course of treatment, although the first patient had 3 viral load blips and the second had 1 blip under 400 copies/mL. Both patients had increases in CD4+ lymphocyte counts. The first patient from 96 cells/microL to 378 cells/microL and the second patient from 71 cells/microL to 411 cells/microL. To the authors knowledge, these 2 cases represent the longest experience with LPV/r monotherapy and provide some measure of reassurance about the durability of LPV/r for control of HIV replication.

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